Dads Do Have Fun With The Kids When Mama Isn’t Home!

on Mar 9, 2015

When Mama Isn't Home Part TwoWe will admit it. When Moms not home, Dads do like to have some unusual fun with the kids. But in all fairness we usually do the same thing when she is home. When she leaves the house we just get to kick it up a notch or two. Doing fun and creative things with the kids is a badge that we Dads will wear proudly.

One Dad in Australia has showcased his creative play with his son on video. And by play we mean that these two play and create some pretty rad music together when Mama isn’t home.

Russ Bauer and his son Toby have had a few viral hits covering songs including “Freaks” by DJ Timmy Trumpet. Russ and Toby are back again with another viral hit; this time they’re covering the trance song “Sandstorm” by Finnish DJ Darude. The father son duo received over 2 million views and counting in just a few days. Dad is the keyboardist while son Toby rocks the oven door like no other.